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Visual Media: Video Production, Vlog, Product Photography, & More

Mix District Media is home to a state-of-the-art video production facility that is able to handle video production for your vlog, website, training videos, commercials, and much more.

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Our Video + Photo Approach

We believe that video and photo are the best asset you can have in your marketing inventory. Our video production studio in Salt Lake City, Utah is capable of interviews, web videos, customer testimonials, animation reels, and much more.

Video Production & Recording

Whether you’re looking to make a commercial, shoot video testimonials, or make a video for your website’s homepage, we have you covered.

Web Videos & Vlogs

Video marketing has skyrocketed recently for great reasons. Simply having a web video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

Product Photography

We prepare your business’ products for web, digital, and print materials by taking stunning, professional-grade photos.

Equipment and Facility

Our video production and product photography facility is home to a fleet of HD Sony cameras, green screens, high-fidelity audio equipment, and lighting setup.


If you’re looking for an animation reel for your business’ videos, Mix District Media has produced several animations for commercials, web videos, and more.

Image & Video Manipulation

Half of the video production process is the filming and the rest is the editing. Our team of creatives are highly trained in various software programs to ensure your product or video look their absolute best.

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Our Work

Mix District Media’s approach to video production and product photography is simple: Produce only the best content that exceeds our clients’ expectations and generates business through their application

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Client Testimonials

Our clients range from large to small, in all different industries. Our boutique agency is all about attention to detail and that includes our customer service. Click here to learn more about the MDM Rewards program.